The Main Points of a Medical Massage Therapy

In today’s dynamic world, we are almost constantly in a hurry. We rush for work, we are in a hurry to see a doctor when we have any health problems, we are trying to renovate our homes to make them more comfortable, etc. And it seems like we don’t have enough time to look at our own bodies and provide them with a nice and relaxing massage therapy. This article will reveal the main aspects of a particular massage technique, called a medical massage.

Recently, in some professional Massage publications, there have been discussions about the difference between Therapeutic, Medical, Orthopedic, and Sports massage therapies. Do they include the same massage techniques? There are many arguments in regards with the terminology used. Trained massage therapists are pretty sure that this specific group of treatments has one primary goal – address common medical conditions, such as stress, depression, muscle tension, sports injuries, intensive pain, and more.

An expert can offer an injury treatment massage like a combination of deep soft-tissue techniques aiming to alleviate muscle pain and soreness. Ok, but is this the same like a medical one? Yes, there is. The typical injury-treatment client doesn’t have any major medical conditions meaning heart diseases, diabetes, etc. A real massage therapist with medical skills has to treat people with serious medical issues, like osteoporosis, strokes, chemo, and much more.

medical massage specialist implements sports injury techniques and other similar movements, which is why they often work in hospitals or other medical facilities. They have to be able to massage any patient in a hospital who is in a bed and unable to move much. They often have to work around shunts, bandages, catheters, etc.

Someone who needs a deep tissue massage or relaxation probably won’t call a therapist specializing in medical treatment. Every professional has to describe what a patient can exactly expect from such a therapy in order to avoid disappointments.


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