What Types of Equipment Does a Massage Therapist Use?

Even though there is not really much massage equipment needed, in order to create a pleasant atmosphere, many practitioners will need a few basic supplies and tools. A massage table and chair, or mat will allow a client to lie down comfortably, and these usually have covers which can be removed and washed after each use. Pillows and bolsters are needed to better position clients. Also, oil, cream, and lotions are another supply, which is usually chosen for their aromatic and lubricating qualities.

Other massage equipment, which is not as important, but is usually found in massage studios, are CD or MP3 players and a heater. Whether a massage table is portable or not, it must be comfortable and very sturdy. Generally made using a plywood base and then covered with foam and upholstered, it comes with a face cradle to support the client’s head when they are lying face down. This crucial piece of massage equipment, especially when portable, has collapsible legs so it can be carried like a suitcase for house calls.

Massage chairs come with extra padding and a face cradle, which must be strong enough in order to properly support the client’s weight when the massage therapist applies pressure to their back, neck, and shoulders. There should also be a vast amount of massage creams, oils, and lotions available, and even though most of them are made to lubricate and absorb into the skin, some must be washed off after each session.

A relaxing massage induces and heightens the sense of smell, many massage lotions will have the likes of pine, lavender, and other aromatic herbs. These aromas will not just enhance relaxation, but will also penetrate into the skin to calm or heal a client internally. Practitioners of this kind of massage say aromatic oils are essential to their work.


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