About me

I have been doing massage since 1980 and have been in Lakewood since 2011. I am CA state certified (CAMTC-#2228), with a Lakewood Business license and qualified to work with the local residents and offer a wide variety of solutions that range, from deep tissue, therapeutic, medical and sports massage to fibromyalgia, myofascial release, reflexology, neuromuscular techniques and Reichian therapy for your muscles.

My education began in 1967, and going through many different programs and courses, I have been practicing as a professional massage therapist since 1980. I have expertise and specialize in almost all the techniques necessary for releasing the tension from your muscles and body and help you heal pain or physical trauma.

If you have been looking for a reliable and fully qualified massage therapist in Lakewood, CA who has experience and extensive training in the various methods of this particular field, give Ronald Patzer Deep Tissue Therapy a call at the number listed below soon! For clients who are visiting me for the first time, I offer a special discount of $45 an hour.


1967 AA
Los Angeles College of Mortuary Science

1971 BA- Religion
Loma Linda University, La Sierra, California

1974 BA – Philosophy
Cal State University Long Beach, Long Beach, California

1989 MA – Clinical Psychology
California Graduate Institute, West Los Angeles, California

1995 PhD – Clinical Psychology
California Graduate Institute, West Los Angeles, California
Dissertation: Treating TMJ Disorder with Reichian Therapy


2017-Massage For Low Back and Pelvic Pain – 11 CE Hours- Chaitow & Fritz

2017- Massage and TMJ,  Center for Massage Therapy CE, 7 hours

2016-Releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadratus Lumborum, Peggy Lamb, 3.5 hours.

2016-Releasing the Rotator Cuff, Peggy Lamb, 2.5 hours.

2015- Nerve Mobilization-Upper Extremities, Doug Alexander, 20 CE hours

2015- Clinical Trigger Point Therapy Program by Dr. Laura Perry, 15 CE hours

2014- Hendrickson Method- Massage & Manual Therapy, 9 CE hours,

2013- Orthopedics-Online.com, Common Injury Course, 9 CE hours,

2013- Orthopedics-Online.com, Peripheral Nerves System Course, 7 CE hours,

2013- Orthopedics-Online.com, Shoulder Course 5 CE hours,

2013- Positional Release Techniques- Leon Chaitow, 20 CE hours, DVD

2011- Boris Prilutsky-Vol 1 DVD course, 10 CE hours, Lower Back Disorders; Disc Herniation, Lumbalgia, Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia, Post-Isometric Relaxation & Back Rehabilitative Exercises.

2011-Pathology- Sciatic Pain. Institute of Somatic Therapy, 4 CE hours.

Advanced Myofascial Techniques. DVD course taught by Til Luchau, 13 CE hours.

2010- Treat Your Triggers. Trigger Point Therapy. Online course taught by Dr Jonathan Kuttner

2009- California State Certification, 500 hours

2009-Neck, Arm & Chest Pain: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome conducted by Jeannette Cunniff, 8 CE Hours, Cerritos College Community Education

2009-Medical Massage for Shoulder Injury and Scapula Release conducted by Jeannette Cunniff, 8 CE hours, Cerritos College Community Education

2009- Visceral Manipulation, Abdomen 1, 24 CE hours workshop conducted by Gail Wetzler, RPT, BI-D, Barral Institute

2009- Sports Massage, 17 CE hours DVD course taught by Dr. James Mally, N.D.

2007-Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques- 24 CE hour workshop conducted by Erik Dalton, Ph.D.

2007 Myofascial Therapy Release I – 20 CE hour workshop conducted by John Barnes, P.T., MFR Seminars

1989 Sports Massage- 16 CE hours workshop conducted by the California Healing Arts College.

1984 Deep Muscle Therapy- 16 CE hours workshop conducted by the CMTA- Cross fiber instruction.

1982 Jin Shin Acupressure- 16 CE hours workshop conducted by Ron Teagarten.

1979 CMT – Certified Massage Therapist
Institute for Holistic Studies, Santa Barbara, California,


2011-2014: Hawaiian Gardens Casino (chair massage)

2011-Lakewood Office.

2008-2009: Beach City Massage (24 Hour Fitness Sport Club) Long Beach, CA

2006-2010: Skyline Chiropractic, in Long Beach, California

2005-2007: Atlantic Chiropractic, Long Beach, California

2003-2005: SeaCrest Chiropractic Center in Garden Grove, California

In private practice with Reichian Therapy since 1995
Trained with Dr. Paul Brindrim and Mark Waldman.

1966-1978: 12 years experience as an embalmer.