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I went to massage school at the Institute for Wholistic Studies in Santa Barbara, CA. in 1979 and have been practicing massage since 1980.   I am California state certified, #2228, and licensed in Lakewood CA.

I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, which can be very helpful to people who have experienced trauma due to physical overloading or other circumstances. I am fully qualified and experienced enough to be capable of using the comprehensive and diverse variety of methods and techniques that massage therapy offers to improve your vigor and release the tension causing you the stress of our busy modern lifestyle.


Ron_PatzerI can do a deep tissue full body massage or do a focus style. This is a style of body work whose focus is on the area of injury or problem. The style borrows from any of the deeper body styles (Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage, Muscle Energy Technique, Trigger Point Therapy as well as Neuromuscular Technique) which may work to alleviate the problem.  I mainly use a combination of Deep Tissue, Cross-Fiber and Trigger Point therapies. See the Bio page for my additional training in these techniques This is not a relaxing or spa massage. Consider it more as if you were getting Rolfed. The emphasis is more medical/orthopedic than Swedish.

Focus Areas:

A- Neck/Throat and shoulders/arms.- 60 Min- $65.00

B- Abdominal massage- abs, psoas and viscera-  This is a great release for anxiety and tension as well as low back pain.  60 min- $65.00

C- Pelvic area/Hips- this would include all attachments to the pelvis such as Quads, Hams, Abductors, Adductors, Glutes, Hip Rotators and Psoas muscles- 60 Min- $65.00

D- Legs- Quads, Ant Tib, Hams, Calves + feet and Adductors/Abductors- 60 Min- $65.00.

book_caseIf you are looking for some Deep Tissue work, that is what I specialize in. I have been doing massage since 1980 and have worked for chiropractors for seven years. Thus, I am very familiar with both lumbar as well as cervical issues.

The Deep Tissue Massage is my specialty and is very effective for TMJ problems, cervical problems, stiff neck, tight shoulders, release tight abdominal muscles, sciatica as well as tight legs.


Sciatica, TMJ Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Piriformis Syndrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Lumbar problems, Neck stress, Tennis elbow/Golf elbow, Speech Pathology (stuttering, blocking, stammer) In speech pathology I work the muscles of the throat, neck, face, jaw, and scalp.

City of Lakewood CA Award:

Greetings: Ron Patzer Therapy has been selected as the 2015 Best Business of Lakewood in the category of Massage Therapy. The Lakewood Best Businesses Program is an annual program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Lakewood area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

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massage_tableMassaging in the abdominal area offers great benefits. This area is where we hold a lot of stress and anxiety. Our abdominal muscles, while greatly “toned”, could also be very tight, as any other muscle is. Massaging this area softens up and loosening those muscles. There is also a direct correlation between tight abs and low back pain IF you already have lumbar issues. For those with disc problems, ie., herniated, ruptured or degenerated, this work will offer low back relief. This theory borrows from Reichian and well as other theories offering emotional as well as physical relief.


One of the etiologies for speech pathology involves stress at an early age which puts undue pressure and tension on the muscles of the throat and tongue. This pressure causes these muscles to “lock” up resulting in not being able to complete the word, sentence or thought, i.e., blocking. What I do is to work the muscles of the throat and tongue to relax/release these tight muscles. And as a former “blocker” myself, I have found this to be very effective in providing smooth speech.


30 min=$40

60 min=$70.00 for deep tissue focus massage

90 min=$100.00 for deep tissue full body massage
Signature Massage: 120 min= $130.000 full body deep tissue massage


First Time Special: 60 Min=$55.00

Wednesday Special all day: $10 off any service

10 Pak=$600, save $100

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Gift certificates available


Sunday- Closed

Monday- 11-7

Tuesday- 11-7

Wednesday- 11-7

Thursday- 11-7

Friday- 11-7

Saturday- 10-4


PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies) has been around for decades and widely studied for how it could be used to facilitate healing in all parts of the body. PEMF was utilized by Tesla, Dr. Rife and others as well as being studied and endorsed by NASA. Once it was featured on the Dr. Oz show, PEMF units became popular as a way to manage pain, heal injuries, and improve sleep. In 2004 PEMF was approved by the FDA as an adjuvant treatment for fractures that have delayed healing.

PEMF units allow the user to set the level of frequency that has been researched as best to facilitate healing of specific areas of the body. Low frequencies provide various health benefits beyond healing such as increased sense of well-being, stress reduction, high states of meditation and states of consciousness.

I use the EarthPulse machine that promotes two main benefits from the 1-14Hz it produces. There are two models: the V.5 Basic ($500) and the V.5 ($700). They both operate the same frequencies but the V.5 has several cycle modes built it to mimic ones sleep cycles as he goes through Delta, Theta, and Alpha. It enhances and promotes sleep by using the lower frequencies associated with sleep, including the various sleep cycles a person goes through.

EarthPulse’s other main benefit is cellular oxidation. Cellular oxidation improves the efficiency of the cells at the capillary level such that nutrients and wastes can be readily exchanged. Nutrition does us no good unless it gets to the tissues. Oxygen needs to get into the cells and toxins need to be released from the cells to keep the body healthy. When this process is diminished due to poor eating and life style habits, the body is at risk to develop chronic illnesses, especially cancer. Research shows that applying 10 Hz for 10 hours a day for 30 days results in complete oxygenation of the capillaries. This ensures a healthy body and more energy.

Another great benefit of EarthPulse technology is the magnet can be placed directly on the body and to soft tissue. The frequencies have the ability to reduce pain and heal trauma and injuries. I have Narcolepsy and have found this to increase my sleeping cycle from four hours to six hours. I have also found relief from hand/finger pain due to muscle injury.

There is a lot of information regarding PEMF. You can start by clicking on the following link. That will take you to their web site.  A good review/critique of PEMF is by Byrant Meyers and his book  The 5th Element of Health…  You can also find much info on his web site about the same at www.pemft.net You can find more expensive units but not better units for the money. And don’t forget, you will have 90 days to try it out or turn it back in.

At the office I am using an Omi PEMF Therapy Pad. It is a table length pad with 8 copper coils, producing 1-99Hz, with several custom modes available.  You don’t feel anything.

Earthpulse, the world's only Magnetic Sleep Machine


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